SCACL Strategic Plan

Those we serve will remain as the heart and anchor of our organization.

SCACL 2022 revised Vision, Mission, Values and interim Strategic Priorities

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Directors consulted with the Management Team, Program Coordinators and staff and developed an interim Strategic Plan.

The 2022 strategic plan has two major differences from previous plans:

  • It has been compiled over 18 months during a period of many changes in both service delivery and the external environment, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Throughout the planning period, the board has continued to develop the foundational statements on the previous page as well as on the environmental scan and SWOT of factors affecting the organization (See appendix). Due to the extraordinary circumstances of this planning cycle and the environment changing so quickly, this plan is created as a one-year plan and will be re-visited in 2022.
2022 Strategic Plan (full version)
2022 Strategic Plan (condensed 2-pager)

SCACL Vision to 2020

We will be governed by a diverse Board of Directors who nurture connection and community support. We will be a destination charity and will increase entrepreneurial funding to be able to augment services beyond those contracted by government.

SCACL services in 2020 will be enhanced to:

  • Increase service capacity
  • Increase housing options
  • Increase advocacy around transition planning
  • Ensure that services are driven by persons served
  • Ensure that we are a desirable employer
  • Support and encourage innovation
  • Maintain focus on healthy relationships with all stakeholders

We envision a thriving community that offers meaningful work, full community inclusion and one that advances citizenship. We will be a diverse agency where friendships are formed, where persons served have a high quality of life and are looking forward to tomorrow. Those we serve will remain as the heart and anchor of our organization.


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