Persephone Farms Ltd.

A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the
Sunshine Coast Association of Community Living.

SCACL is always thinking ahead.

It surprises many when they find out that SCACL owns a company called Persephone Farms Ltd.  The vision and purpose of this company is to pursue agricultural activities as shareholders in Persephone Brewing Inc. The main objectives are to employ the people we serve as well as to create income for SCACL.

Given that the brewery is located on Agricultural Land Reserve property, it behoves us to grow plants that are used in the production of beer, which of course are hops. We have established a one-acre hop field, primarily for demonstration purposes. Now we need to broaden that out to an additional 5 acres that were recently cleared.

Your contribution will be used to purchase the apparatus for the hop yards that include: poles, cables, twine and of course, the hop rhizomes themselves. It may surprise you to know that less than 1% of beer brewed in BC is made with hops grown in the province. We at Persephone Farms Ltd., see this as a great opportunity to not only brew our beer with our own hops, but to sell them to other breweries, through the creation of a peninsula wide hop growing collective.

Contact Information

direct 604.885.7455
cel 604.740.7403
fax 1.888.317.8332

Farm Fresh Eggs

When you purchase our free range eggs from the Persephone Brewing Tasting room you are supporting SCACL. Thank you!

Wood Fired Pizza

When you purchase a pizza from our very special wood pizza oven, $2.00 goes to SCACL.

100% Organic Fresh Produce

Over the summer months fresh produce is available for purchase at the Persephone Brewing location.
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