SCACL Board of Directors

Pat Feindel – President

Pat joined the Board in 2021. She has been involved with social justice and community living organizations for several decades. While doing communications work for Inclusion BC (1998-2006), Pat was impressed by the commitment and passion of “self advocates” and parents who fought for rights and opportunities for those with diverse abilities. She assisted with a collaborative multi-media art project in which former residents of Woodlands and other BC institutions told their stories through art and photography. She was closely involved in the creation of the Woodlands Memorial Garden which commemorates former residents of Woodlands and Riverview who were buried in a forgotten and erased graveyard on the Woodlands grounds in New Westminster, BC.
Inspired by these experiences, Pat embarked on graduate studies at Simon Fraser University where her research highlighted the role of family advocates in BC disability history. She has taught Disability Studies and Anthropology at SFU.
Pat moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2020 and works as a communications consultant for local community organizations and projects around the province. She looks forward to getting to know SCACL members and working together to achieve our vision of “a community where everyone belongs, lives with dignity, and enjoys a full life.”

Vice-President - vacant

Joshua Boyd – Secretary

Joshua has been working in Health Care for 26 years, since 2005 as an R.N. (B.Sc.N). He began working with persons with disabilities through the Easter Seal camps in BC, working and volunteering with the BC Lions Society spanning 10 years, including five summers as counsellor, programmer and/or R.N. Earlier in his career, Joshua worked as a live-in caregiver for two gentlemen with Muscular Dystrophy, as a caregiver for Vancouver Island Autistic Homes society, as an Inclusion Facilitator at summer camps and as a one on one support worker and volunteer for children and youth with mental and/or physical disabilities.  His time at the Easter Seal camps sparked his passion for supporting those with disabilities and eventually led him towards a career in nursing education. As an RN, he has worked in acute care, long-term care, emergency, pediatric palliative care, home care, in the private and public sectors and internationally. He has been training health care assistants and personal support workers for 7 years, the last five being with Capilano University – kálax-ay campus.

Deb Mealia

Debbie Mealia – Treasurer

Debbie is a retired business owner/entrepreneur and has a background in social services and financial planning. She was recognized in 2011 for her long-time humanitarian work on the Sunshine Coast as the recipient of Investors Group’s Herbert H. Carnegie Community Service Award. She has supported various community organizations serving the Sunshine Coast community since her family moved to the Coast in 1979. As a past President of the SCACL Board, she was instrumental in creating the Midtown Apartments, the purchase of the Cowrie Street building and helping SCACL to be less financially dependent on public funding. Debbie has 4 children and 6 grandchildren and is enjoying her retirement with her husband Jim Budd.

Shelley McCuaig – Self-Advocate Representative

Shelley grew up on Sunshine Coast and works as a janitor for various businesses and organizations.  She enjoys participating in Special Olympics curling and bocce with her friends and is excited about serving as a Self-Advocate Representative on the Board for the first time.  Shelley is a proud mother of her adult son.  

Darlene Nelson – Self-Advocate Representative

Darlene grew up on Sunshine Coast and describes herself as a “big sister” to her many friends in the community.  She is enjoying her retirement following years of employment in various jobs on the Coast.  She enjoys volunteering at the Bridges program at SCACL and participates in Special Olympics curling and bocce.  A veteran of the Self-Advocates’ Committee, Darlene is eager to share her experience to a new generation of self-advocates.

Nancy Brindley – Director

Nancy joined the Board in 2012. She developed an interest in serving people with developmental disabilities as a teenager through her involvement with an adult named Doreen. For many years, Doreen joined her family for holidays and weekends. Having spent over 30 years in education, she had the opportunity to work with individuals with a variety of special needs. Along with her husband she became involved with SCACL in the late 90’s when he decided to volunteer for the organization and became a good friend with one of the individuals served. Nancy also coached Special Olympics bowling for a year. Her passion is people and building healthy communities. In the context of SCACL, Nancy’s goal is to support Clarence, the Executive Director in creating a vibrant, happy and safe community for staff and persons served such that they “look forward to what the next day will bring”.

Bob Ware- Director and Past President

Bob Ware first joined the board in 1999.  He brings a wealth of experience and background knowledge to board table discussions.  Bob is a professor emeritus of the Faculty of Education, University of Alberta, and a parent of a person served by SCACL.

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