SCACL Safety Plan (Update #8)

SCACL maintains a Communicable Disease Safety Plan, which impacts stakeholders, as the plan states: all visitors may not enter a SCACL facility when showing signs of a communicable illness and must get tested if showing signs of Covid 19. Mask Mandate Masks are once again mandated in public settings as per public health order below. […]

SCACL Safety Plan – January 2021 (Update #7)

SCACL Safety Plan – JANUARY 2021 (Update #7) This is an updated safety plan and will replace previous editions. SCACL had a small outbreak of CV-19 in December 2020 with three staff testing positive. No supported individual has tested positive to date. SCACL operated essential services between March and June of 2020. Services re-opened for […]

April 17, 2020 (update #6)

The social distancing and no visitor rules brought in by the government and currently being followed by SCACL are to flatten the curve and to not overwhelm our health care system. The good news is this does seem to have slowed the spread of the virus in B.C. However, it doesn’t mean we should be complacent. […]

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