April 9, 2020

Dear Stakeholders and friends of SCACL, 

Many of you may have heard on the news of the death of a caregiver for the Richmond Association for Community Living. This is a very tragic event and it resonates deeply with all of us here. It is a powerful and sombre reminder of what we are facing as a sector and more broadly as communities, within our country and globally. SCACL has informed our staff, and are offering support to staff and reaching out to the Richmond agency.

Our very best efforts can only mitigate the course of the virus spread; they cannot prevent it entirely. We will likely need to continue current health directives for at least the next several weeks and we know this is difficult as individuals being served are experiencing various levels of isolation. We are all likely to feel this more acutely as we move into the long Easter weekend but it is imperative that we stay the course and do not take risks that may put us in harm’s way. We need to remain confident that we will ultimately contain and control the spread of COVID-19, and that we will do that collectively. 

Therefore, SCACL will continue to uphold the no visitor policy until at least Friday, April 17th (as this is what is being recommended by Vancouver Coastal Health) We will update you next week with any changes to this policy. 


 There is an agreement by Health spokespersons now that wearing a mask, or bandana when out in community may help to prevent you from spreading your own “moist droplets”. SCACL is having cloth masks made for all our facilities and we may have them available to you and your family if you need them. Please contact Clarence about how to access cloth masks. 


We are continuing with a weekly livestream with Steve Wright and will send out the information each week ahead of this event. This has been popular and fun and had a nice participation rate.  


Respite continues to be suspended unless deemed essential.   Please contact Randy for more information

Key Messages to Share from Vancouver Coastal Health

  • Practice physical distancing if you have to go out
  • If you think you have COVID-19 take the self-assessment here: covid19.thrive.health
  • Self-isolate at home for 10 days if you have COVID-19 symptoms 


SCACL wishes everyone a very happy virtual Easter

 From everyone on the Management Team

Clarence   Laurie   Randy   Sonja   Xerez

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