April 17, 2020 (update #6)

The social distancing and no visitor rules brought in by the government and currently being followed by SCACL are to flatten the curve and to not overwhelm our health care system. The good news is this does seem to have slowed the spread of the virus in B.C. However, it doesn’t mean we should be complacent. We need to remain vigilant and follow the procedures we have put in place. The forecast is for at least a few more weeks of strict social distancing requirements. SCACL staff have been doing an amazing job. With every meeting, provincial call and information-seeking session we are having it reinforced that our efforts are exactly where we should be. 

Our no visitor policy remains in place, as does our dedicated staff to specific worksites.  However, we have determined that family members can visit from outside, i.e. through a window, as long as this is done safely. with appropriate social distancing, and the visitor is well and symptom-free when visiting.  While SCACL wants to support individuals in our residences to find safe ways to connect with their loved ones, we also are aware that some of the persons we served may find it difficult to understand this restriction and the window barrier.   Visitors may want to consider this carefully before arranging for a visit.  SCACL continues to encourage the use of Facetime and Zoom Meeting and our staff can facilitate setting up video conferences with one or multiple family members.   

We are also looking at resuming some respite activities on a case by case basis – please speak with Randy directly for specifics. 

We acknowledge that these are stressful and fear-inducing times and we can all use support to get through them. Attached are a few resources available to everyone.

Wellness Together Canada (newly launched yesterday) – https://ca.portal.gs/

Province of BC – COVID-19 virtual mental health supports – 


Province of BC – Managing COVID-19 Stress, Anxiety & Depression


If you think you may have CV-19 symptoms 

Please call the Respiratory Assessment Clinic (information below)

FYI: They will do house calls for vulnerable populations

The respiratory assessment clinic is open seven days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and is by appointment only. Bookings can be made by calling 604-740-1252 or by emailing: coastrespclinic@gmail.com.

There is also a CLBC AFTER HOURS Line 


If you think you may have CV-19 symptoms Also attached: 

  1. A booklet that was developed for persons served that might be useful in explaining the virus and safety tips in plain language;
  2. The Public Health Guidelines for the Social Services Providers.
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